CloudSimple virtual machines overview

CloudSimple allows you to manage VMware virtual machines (VMs) from the Azure portal. A cluster or a resource pool from your vSphere cluster is managed through Azure by mapping it to your subscription.

To create a CloudSimple VM from Azure, a VM template must exist on your Private Cloud vCenter. The template is used to customize the operating system and applications. The template VM can be hardened to meet enterprise security policies. You can use the template to create VMs and then consume them from the Azure portal using a self-service model.


CloudSimple virtual machines from Azure portal provide a self-service mechanism for users to create and manage VMware virtual machines.

  • Create a CloudSimple VM on your Private Cloud vCenter
  • Manage VM properties
    • Add/remove disks
    • Add/remove NICs
  • Power operations of your CloudSimple VM
    • Power on and power off
    • Reset VM
  • Delete VM

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