Get Started With Bing Ads Scripts


This Beta release of Bing Ads Scripts is available to select participants only. For information about participating in the program, please contact your account manager.

The Scripts classes and documentation are subject to change.

Accessing your Bing Ads data with Bing Ads Scripts is easy. Just follow these instructions and you'll be accessing your data in no time.

  1. Sign in to Bing Ads or Bing Ads Sandbox.

  2. From the Campaigns tab click Bulk Operations (in the left navigation panel).

  3. Click Create and manage scripts.

  4. Click Create script.

  5. Replace "Untitled script" with your script's name.

  6. Copy and paste the following code into the code editor. This script gets the 15 keywords that generated the least impressions over the last week. This script won't make any changes to your campaign data.

    function main() {
        var iterator = BingAdsApp.keywords()
            .orderBy("Impressions ASC")
            .withLimit(15)  // up to 15
        Logger.log("15 keywords with the least impressions over the last week");
        while (iterator.hasNext()) {
            var keyword =;
                ${keyword.getStats().getImpressions()} impressions`);  //gets the number of impressions
  7. To execute the script in preview mode (recommended), click Preview.

  8. To see the output, click Logs.

The difference between Preview and Run script now is that Preview gives you the chance to see how the script would affect your data without actually committing the changes. If the script modifies data, you should run it in preview mode first. For limitations of Preview mode, see Running scripts in Preview mode.

For multi-account scripts, you access the Scripts editor from Accounts Summary instead of Campaigns. To get an account that you manage, use the AccountsApp object. After getting the managed account, use the BingAdsApp object to access its entities.

Next steps