Getting Started: Creating and Hosting a Map Control

The Bing Maps V8 Map Control SDK is a JavaScript control that contains the objects, methods, and events that allow you to display maps powered by Bing Maps on your Web site. The sections in this topic describe the steps you need to take to start using the Bing Maps V8 SDK.

Create a Bing Maps Account and Get a Key

Before you begin developing your application, you need to create a developer account on the Bing Maps Account Center. A Bing Maps Developer Account allows you to create a Bing Maps Key to use in your map application. Getting a key is described in Getting a Bing Maps Key.


When the Bing Maps V8 control is loaded with a valid Bing Maps Key, Bing Maps counts sessions. A session begins when the V8 interactive map control is loaded in a user’s browser and includes all interactions with the Bing Maps V8 control (panning, zooming, adding data, search, directions...) until the browser is closed or the user moves to a different page. Detailed information about Bing Maps usage reports is found in Understanding Bing Maps Transactions.