PyramidTileId Class

Occasionally you may run into a situation where you need to perform additional calculations against the tile information to generate the required tile URL. This can be done by passing a callback function to the uriConstructor property. When this callback function is triggered, it receives a PyramidTileId object that contains additional information about the tile that is being requested. You can then use this information to create the required tile URL and return it from the callback function.


PyramidTileId(x: number, y: number, zoom: number, width?: number, height?: number)


The following is a list of the properties in the PyramidTileId class.

Name Type Description
pixelHeight number The height of the tile.
pixelWidth number The width of the tile.
quadKey string The quadkey ID of the tile.
x number The x tile coordinate.
y number The y tile coordinate.
zoom number The zoom level of the tile.

Static Methods

Name Type Description
areEqual(tileId1: PyramidTileId, tileId2: PyramidTileId) boolean Compares two PyramidTileId objects and returns a boolean indicating if the two PyramidTileId are equal.
fromQuadKey(quadkey: string, width?: number, height?: number) PyramidTileId Generates a PyramidTileId from a quadkey tile id string.

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