AutosuggestOptions Object

The following Autosuggest option properties can be used to customize how suggestions are retrieved.

Name Type Description
addressSuggestions boolean Specifies if street address suggestions should be returned. Default: true
autoDetectLocation boolean Specifies if the user’s location should be auto detected using their IP address, if no location information is provided in the userLocation property. Default: true
bounds LocationRect A bounding box that is used to help influence the results such that locations that are in or near this bounding box are given more weight than they would normally.
countryCode string A string specifying the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country region code which is used to limit suggests to a single country.
map Map A reference to a map instance. If the useMapView property is set to true, the bounding box of the map view will be used to influence the weight of suggestions.
maxResults number The maximum number of results to return. Can be any value between 1 and 10. Default: 5
placeSuggestions boolean Specifies if place suggestions (city, landmark, etc.) should be returned. Default: true
useMapView boolean Indicates if the maps bounding box should be used to influence the suggested results. Ignored if the bounds property is set. Default: true
userLocation Location A coordinate indicating where the user is located. This will influence the results to be more relevant to the user.