Sample Message Presentation

The following table shows an example of the block layout of a SWIFT message.

Block Example
Block 1 Basic Header {1:F01BCITITMMAXXX0012000123}
Block 2 (I) Application Header Input (to SWIFT)


Block 2 (O) Application Header Output (from SWIFT)
{2:I103VBOEATWWXXXXN} Or {2:O1030840010605BNPAFRPPAXXX00120078960106051051U3
Block 3 User Header {3:{108:BCITITMMA950906}}
Block 4 Text {4:<CRLF> :20:1234567890<CRLF> :23B:CRED<CRLF> :32A:010605GBP45000,<CRLF> :33B:GBP45000,<CRLF> :50K:MASTERS IMPORT<CRLF> RUE DES ARBRES 119<CRLF> CAMBRAI<CRLF> :52A:BNPAFRPPCAM<CRLF> :53A:POCIITMM680<CRLF> :57A:BCITITMM680<CRLF> :59:/P03452032022819 30<CRLF> GRAND IMPORT<CRLF> PESCARA<CRLF> :70:/RFB/INV 5591<CRLF> :71A:SHA<CRLF> -}
Block 5 Trailers {5:{MAC:12345678}{CHK:123456789ABC}}

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