Administration Console Keyboard Shortcuts

By using the following keyboard shortcuts you can quickly accomplish many common tasks in the BizTalk Administration console.


Functionality that is not included in this list can be obtained by using the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer with MouseKeys. For more information about MouseKeys, see Using the keyboard to move the mouse pointer at

Action Keyboard shortcut
Refresh the BizTalk Administration Console.

This keyboard shortcut refreshes the current item highlighted in the console tree.
Move among items in the console tree. UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW
Expand a node in the console tree. SHIFT+RIGHT ARROW
Collapse a node in the console tree. SHIFT+LEFT ARROW
Move from a node in the console tree to the details pane. TAB
Display the shortcut menu for an item in the console tree. SHIFT+F10
Close the BizTalk Administration Console, or from a wizard, close the wizard. ALT+F4
Display the File menu. ALT+F
Display the Action menu for the selected item. SHIFT+F10
Display the View menu. ALT+V
Display the Help menu, or from a wizard, display online Help for the page. ALT+H
Display online Help for the selected item, or from a wizard, display online Help for the page. F1
Display the Properties dialog box, if any, for the selected item. ENTER
Display the Action menu, or apply a change made in a property page (if a property page is open). ALT+A
Cancel changes made in a property page or wizard and close the page or wizard. ESC
From a property page, accept changes made in the page and close it. From a wizard, activate the selected button or link. ENTER
Execute a query on the New Query tab. ALT+R
Move to the next control. TAB
Move to the previous control. SHIFT+TAB
Move from one field to the next within the New Query tab.

Move between the Group Hub tab and the New Query tab.
Open a drop-down list box in a query field. ALT+DOWN ARROW
When a drop-down list box is open, navigate up and down through the selections. UP ARROW key or DOWN ARROW key
Copy query results to the clipboard. CTRL+C

In addition, you can use keyboard shortcuts on each property page in the BizTalk Administration console to navigate between fields. To navigate to a field, press ALT+ the letter underlined in the field to which you want to navigate. Press TAB to move from field to field in a property page.

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