Character Encoding

TIBCO Enterprise Message Service (EMS) supports different character encoding in the messages transmitted to EMS by BizTalk Adapter for TIBCO EMS. Messages are encoded using the default UTF-8 encoding. When receiving messages, the adapter determines the encoding of the message and converts the appropriate strings to UTF-8 before providing the message to BizTalk Server. All character conversions use the Microsoft .NET Framework classes; therefore the adapter supports the character conversions provided by this same framework.

Running in a Clustered Environment

Messages published to queues are consumed by the consumers in an order pre-determined by the EMS server—only one adapter in the clustered BizTalk Server environment receives the message. The queue can be configured as exclusive. This means that only the first adapter that registers itself for message consumption on the queue receives the messages. The EMS server only sends messages to the other consumers if the exclusive consumer does not acknowledge message reception. Exclusive queue configuration is performed in the EMS configuration and is not client configurable.


Regarding subscriptions to topics: because all adapters in a BizTalk Server group are configured identically, they are all subscribed for the message, and each topic subscription receives the message.

Transaction Support

The adapter provides support for transactions when required by the orchestration send ports. There is no transaction support with the EMS server when the adapter is listening for messages; however, the adapter acknowledges reception of all messages from EMS after successful message submission to BizTalk Server. EMS resends unacknowledged messages to the adapter.

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