Configuring Acknowledgements (MDNs) (AS2)

In the partner agreement, you can specify how the party receiving the AS2 message generates an MDN response and sends it to back.


The following properties are disabled on this page if you cleared the Local BizTalk processes messages received by the party or supports sending messages from this party check box while creating the party for which you are creating the agreement.

  • Resend AS2 message if MDN not received check box and associated properties

    • Override send port settings check box and associated properties

    The properties are disabled only on the one-way agreement tab that corresponds to the properties for interchanges being sent from the party. For example, if you create two parties Party A and Party B and for Party A, you cleared the check box, the above list of properties are disabled on the Party A->Party B one-way agreement tab.


You must be logged on as a member of the BizTalk Server Administrators or BizTalk Server B2B Operators group.

To configure acknowledgements

  1. Create an AS2 agreement as described in Configuring General Settings (AS2). To update an existing AS2 agreement, right-click the agreement in the Parties and Business Profiles page, and click Properties.

  2. On a one-way agreement tab, click Acknowledgements (MDNs).

  3. Select the Process inbound MDN into MessageBox for routing/delivery options check box to route the MDN through the A2 Decoder as a passthrough message and then into the MessageBox. When this property is selected, BizTalk Server promotes the IsAS2MdnResponseMessage property for routing purposes.

  4. If you checked the Use agreement settings for validation and MSDN instead of message header property in the Validations page, select the Request MDN check box if the trading partner must generate an MDN in response to the AS2 message.

    If the Request MDN check box is selected, you can also set the following properties:

    1. Select the Request signed MDN check box and from the Signing Algorithm drop-down select the MIC algorithm that the trading partner must use to sign the MDN. BizTalk Server supports MD5, SHA1, and SHA2 (SHA256 (default), SHA384, and SHA512).


      Starting with BizTalk Server 2016 and newer versions, SHA2 support is automatically included. For previous BizTalk Server versions, see KB 3123748.

    2. Select the Request asynchronous MDN check box and then in the Receipt-Delivery-Option (URL) text box, enter the URL that the receiving party should send the MDN to.

      If the Request asynchronous MDN check box is selected, you can also set the following properties:

      1. Select the Resend AS2 message if MDN not received check box to enable retransmission of the AS2 message. Enter a value for Minimum AS2 message resend interval, Number of AS2 message resend attempts and Stop attempting AS2 message resends after fields to specify the retry interval, maximum number of attempts and when to stop resending the message.


        You must select the Turn ON Reporting check box on the General Properties page of the General tab before selecting Resend AS2 message if MDN not received. BizTalk Server uses tracking information stored for AS2 reporting in order to determine when to resend an AS2 message.

      2. If Resend AS2 message if MDN not received check box is selected, check Override send port settings to specify the Minimum HTTP retry interval and Number of HTTP retry attempts. Enter a value for the Stop attempting HTTP retries after field to specify the maximum amount of time to attempt retries using the HTTP adapter.

    3. If you selected the Request asynchronous MDN check box and specified a URL for Receipt-Delivery-Option (URL) property, the Disposition-Notification-To text box, is by default set to the same URL. If you did not select the Request asynchronous MDN check box, you must enter a value for Disposition-Notification-To. The value of this field is not used during AS2 processing.

  5. Click Apply to accept the changes before continuing with the configuration, or click OK to validate the changes and then close the dialog box.

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