Getting BizTalk Server Assistance

There are three principal sources of information from Microsoft about BizTalk Server:

  • The documentation, tutorials, and samples installed with BizTalk Server.

  • The BizTalk Server sites on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) and TechNet.

  • BizTalk Server information on additional Microsoft Web sites.

    You can also get help from others either through the BizTalk Server community or directly from Microsoft support.

BizTalk Server Documentation, Tutorials, and Samples

When you install BizTalk Server, you can install the SDK, sample applications, and tutorials. The core documentation, samples, and tutorials cover the concepts and procedures required to use BizTalk Server effectively. BizTalk Server help also includes reference material for the languages and programming interfaces for building applications using BizTalk Server.

If you install the SDK and tutorials using the BizTalk Server Setup program, you can access them in two ways:

  • Through the BizTalk Server program group on the start menu.

  • Through the BizTalk Server tools and utilities media in your BizTalk Server install folder.

    BizTalk Server documentation is available on the web.

Information on MSDN and TechNet

The Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) provides online and offline services that help developers write applications using Microsoft products and technologies. The Microsoft TechNet Program delivers comprehensive technical resources that help IT professionals efficiently evaluate, deploy, and support Microsoft solutions.

Several sites provide a specific audience with links to the BizTalk Server information most relevant to their jobs.

The following table links to these resources.

Resource Location
BizTalk Server Developer center
BizTalk Server home page
BizTalk Server core documentation Core documentation

Additional Online Information

Additional BizTalk Server information is available from these Microsoft Web sites.

Resource Description
Microsoft BizTalk Server Homepage Provides pre-sales information about evaluating BizTalk Server as a data storage and business intelligence tool.
Microsoft Knowledge Base Provides a searchable repository of BizTalk Server articles written by Microsoft Support.
Technet Wiki Provides a range of information on adapters, performance, and so much more.

Getting Assistance From Others

If you have not found the information you are looking for in the product documentation or on the Web, you can either ask a question in the BizTalk Server community or request help from Microsoft support.

The following table links to these resources.

Resource Location
MVP and community-written blogs
General community
MSDN Code Gallery (Search for BizTalk Server)
BizTalk Server Partners

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