How to Modify BTSWebSvcWiz.exe.config

You can enable tracing to debug the BizTalk Web Services Publishing Wizard by uncommenting the <add> node in the BTSWebSvcWiz.exe.config file. If the trace listener node is uncommented and the initializeData parameter is unchanged, BizTalk Server writes the trace file output to the current directory. Alternatively, you can set the trace level of ApplicationTraceSwitch and set the path name of the trace file.

BTSWebSvcWiz.exe.config is located in the same directory as the BTSWebSvcWiz.exe file, which is usually \Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server <VERSION>.

The following is an example of an uncommented <add> node in BTSWebSvcWiz.exe.config file:

    <!-- TraceLevel 0=Off, 1=Error, 2=Warning, 3=Info, 4=Verbose -->
    <add name="ApplicationTraceSwitch" value="4" />
  <trace autoflush="true" indentsize="4">
      <!--add name="Trace"
       type="System.Diagnostics.TextWriterTraceListener, System, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089"
       initializeData="BTSWebSvcWiz.trace.log" /-->

This tracing feature uses the Trace class in the .NET Framework. For more information about the Trace class, see the Microsoft MSDN Web site at

For information about TextWriterTraceListener, see "TextWriterTraceListener" in the Visual Studio Help Collection at

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