Managing BAM Alert Execution

BAM Alert execution can be modified through three avenues, The BAM Portal, the BAM management utility, and the ProcessBamNSFiles.vbs script.

BAM Portal

Knowledge workers and administrators can modify the manner in which alerts are delivered by using the Alert Manager in the BAM portal. From the BAM portal, the Alert can be enabled or disabled, threshold levels can be modified, delivery locations can be modified, as well as other parameters the affect the execution of the alert.

For more information on modifying alerts, see Alert Manager on the BAM Portal Page and Alerts in the BAM Portal.

BAM Management Utility

Administrators can use the BAM Management utility to enable, disable, and remove alerts.

For information on using the BAM Management Utility to mange alerts, the following topics:

Modifying Notification Services Configuration Files

Administrators can use the ProcessBamNSFiles.vbs script to change the manner in which the Notification Services delivers alerts. For more information the Application Definition File (ADF) for Notification Services, see

To modify the ADF associated with BAM you can follow these general steps:

  1. Run the script to obtain the current configuration and ADF files.

  2. Modify the files.

  3. Run the script to apply the changes.

    For more information on the ProcessBamNSFiles.vbs script, see BAM Command-Line Script for Notification Services Configuration Files.

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