Monitoring Business Activities with BAM

Business Analysts use Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) to monitor data about business processes. Business analysts use the BAM workbook in Microsoft Office Excel to define what data to collect from business processes and to define the way in which business users will view the collected data.

Business analysts can use BAM to monitor processes that span multiple applications. For example, a purchase order process may have parts that are completed by different applications, including BizTalk Server, database activity, and messages sent from and to an internal Web site, a supplier Web site, and the shipper Web site.

Business users can use BAM to view both real-time and archived (historical) data about business processes. For example, a business user may want to know when a purchase order arrives for more than $100 (real-time data) or, how many purchase orders for more than $100 arrived this month (archived). BAM aggregates real-time and archived data to improve the speed at which it presents data.

For information about software and hardware requirements for installing BAM, see the BizTalk Server Installation Guide, at BizTalk Server What's New, Installation, Configuration, and Upgrade.

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