MQSeries Adapter High Availability

You can improve availability in the following ways when you use the adapter:

  • Set up a fault-tolerant hosting environment for BizTalk Server.

  • Use Windows Clustering with IBM WebSphere MQ.

    For information about fault tolerance and BizTalk Server, see Sample BizTalk Server Architectures and Planning Your Platform for Fault Tolerance in BizTalk Server Help.

    To ensure that the BizTalk Server MQSeries Adapter is able to communicate with a remote installation of the MQSAgent component, ensure that you have enabled network COM+ access on the BizTalk Serverand server where IBM WebSphere MQ is installed. For more information about enabling network COM+ access, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article number 817065, " How to enable network COM+ access in Windows Server 2003," available at

    There is no requirement to cluster the MQSAgent (MQSAgent2) COM+ application that is used with the BizTalk Server MQSeries adapter. To provide high availability for this component, install the component on each cluster node. If the COM+ application stops, the next call from the client will start it.

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