ISSOAdmin2.UpdateApplication2 Method


The UpdateApplication2 method updates the application information in the Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) server database.


applicationName As String,  
appInfoProps As object  
void UpdateApplication2(  
string applicationName,   
IPropertyBag appInfoProps  



String containing the new application name.


IPropertyBag containing additional application information properties. For more information, see below.

Property Value/ Return Value

[C++] This method returns an HRESULT indicating whether it completed successfully. For more details, see the Error Values section.

[Visual Basic] Not Applicable.


[C++] This method returns an HRESULT containing one of the values in the following table.

[Visual Basic] This method indicates errors by setting the Number property of the global Err object to one of the values in the following table.

Value Description
S_OK The method succeeded
E_ACCESSDENIED Access is denied to the caller.
E_INVALIDREG An invalid parameter was detected.


The following table describes the accepted values for appInfoProps:

propName Type ptrValue
Contact VT_BSTR Contact name
Computer VT_BSTR Computer name
appAdminAccount VT_BSTR Application admin account
appUserAccount VT_BSTR Application user account
windowsAccount VT_BSTR Windows account
appTicketTimeout VT_UI4 Application ticket timeout

In addition, individual flags may also use the following values:

propName Type ptrValue
enableApp VT_BOOL Enable application
hostInitiatedSSO VT_BOOL Host initiated SSO
validatePassword VT_BOOL Validate password
allowTickets VT_BOOL Allow tickets
syncFromAdapter VT_BOOL Synchronize from adapter
syncToAdapter VT_BOOL Synchronize to adapter
changeWindowsPassword VT_BOOL Change windows password
verifyOldPassword VT_BOOL Verify old password
sendOldPassword VT_BOOL Send old password
allowMappingConflicts VT_BOOL Allow mapping conflicts
groupApp VT_BOOL Group application
groupAdapter VT_BOOL Group adapter
allowLocalAccounts VT_BOOL Allow local accounts
adminAccountSame VT_BOOL Administration account same
configStoreApp VT_BOOL Config store application
timeoutTickets VT_BOOL Timeout tickets
directPasswordSync VT_BOOL Direct password synchronization
windowsCreds VT_BOOL Windows credentials
restrictedCreds VT_BOOL Restricted credentials
showFilterOnly VT_BOOL Show filter only
restrictMappingCreate VT_BOOL Restrict mapping create
windowsInitiatedSSO VT_BOOL Windows-initiated SSO
disableCredCache VT_BOOL Disable credentials cache

In addition, you may directly specify flags using the following properties:

propName Type ptrValue
flags VT_UI4 Flags to specify
flagsMask VT_UI4 Flag mask to specify