Value Extractor Functoid


Use the Value Extractor functoid ( ) to extract the value from a specified column in a Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) recordset, which is returned by the Database Lookup functoid.


Parameter 1: An ADO recordset, which is the output of the Database Lookup functoid. This recordset never contains more than one database row.

Parameter 2: The name of a column from which to extract a value for output.


Output 1: A value from the specified column in the single-row ADO recordset that was retrieved by using the Database Lookup functoid.


To avoid errors that are only detected at run time, make sure that the first parameter to the Value Extractor functoid is the output of a Database Lookup functoid and not the output of any other functoid in the Databasecategory or custom functoid that returns an ADO recordset.

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