TPE Keyboard Shortcuts

In the Tracking Profile Editor (TPE), you can use keyboard shortcuts to perform the same navigation and edit functions that you do by using a mouse. You can use these shortcuts to perform all the functions used in TPE. This section describes the keyboard shortcuts and provides some tips about using your keyboard to navigate in TPE.

TPE Tabs

When you first decide to create a new profile or open an existing one from within the TPE, the tab focus is initially on the right pane in the Event Source View.

When you tab out of the Activity View, the tab focus goes to the right pane, the Event Source View. When you are in the Event Source View, the UP ARROW and DOWN ARROW keys can be used to navigate the frame’s contents and highlight specific Orchestration shapes or schema items.

TPE Keyboard Shortcuts

The TPE provides keyboard shortcuts for navigating without a mouse. The following table lists the keyboard shortcuts that TPE supports.

Action Keyboard shortcut
Create a new profile ALT+F + N
Open an existing tracking profile ALT+F + O
Save tracking profile ALT+ F + S
Save As ALT+ F + A
Import activity definition ALT + F + I
Delete context menu item Delete
Rename context menu item F2
Open Tracking Profile Editor Help F1
Apply tracking profile ALT+ T + A
Remove tracking profile ALT + T + R
Set Management Database ALT + T + M
Message Payload Schema Shift + F10 + M
Exit, close TPE ALT+F + X
Select Orchestration Schedule ALT + S + O
Select Messaging Payload ALT + S + M
Select Context Property ALT + S + C
Select Messaging Property ALT + S + P
Context Property Schemas Shift + F10 + M
Message Property Schema Shift + F10 + P

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