XLANG-s Variables and Operators

This section discusses the variables and operators used in the XLANG/s language.

XLANG/s Variables

Variables represent storage locations. Every variable has a type that determines what values can be stored in that variable. XLANG/s is type-safe, and its compiler guarantees that values stored in variables are always of the appropriate type. XLANG/s supports the following variable types:

  • Messages

  • Correlation sets

  • Service links

  • Ports

  • Distinguished built-in value types: Boolean, Byte, Char, Decimal, Double, Int16, Int32, Int64, SByte, Single, String, UInt16, UInt32, and UInt64

  • Objects

  • Enumeration types

    XLANG/s provides initialization semantics for each of the preceding types. Such initialization can be viewed as an assignment to a variable of that type. In XLANG/s, a variable must be definitely assigned before its value can be obtained or used.

XLANG/s Operators

XLANG/s supports the following operators. They adhere closely to the functionality of the corresponding operators in C#.

Operator Description Example
checked Raises error on arithmetic overflow checked(x = y * 1000)
unchecked Ignores arithmetic overflow unchecked(x = y * 1000)
new Creates an instance of a class myObject = new MyClass;
typeof Retrieves a type myMapType = typeof(myMap)
succeeded Tests for successful completion of transactional scope or orchestration succeeded(<transaction ID for child transaction of current scope or service>)
exists Tests for the existence of a message context property BTS.RetryCount exists Message_In
+ Unary plus +(int x)
- Unary minus -(int x)
! Logical negation !myBool
~ Bitwise complement x = ~y
() Cast (bool) myInt
* Times Weight = MyMsg.numOrders * 20
/ Divided by x / y
+ Plus x + y
- Minus x - y
<< Shift left x << 2
>> Shift right x >> 2
< Less than If (MyMsg.numOrders < 10)...
> Greater than If (MyMsg.numOrders > 10)...
<= Less than or equal to If (MyMsg.numOrders <= 10)...
>= Greater than or equal to If (MyMsg.numOrders >= 10)...
== Equal to If (MyMsg.numOrders == 10)...
!= Not equal to If (MyMsg.numOrders != 10)...

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