Proactivity in BizTalk Server

BizTalk Technical Article

Proactivity in BizTalk Server

Writer: Tord Glad Nordahl (Bouvet AS)

Technical Reviewers: Sandro Pereira (Devscope), Steef-Jan Wiggers (Motion10), Erik Thue (Bouvet AS), Alexander Thue (Bouvet AS), Saravana Kumar (BizTalk360), Mandi Ohlinger (Microsoft)

Published: July 2013

Applies To: BizTalk Server

Summary: The white paper applies from BizTalk Server 2004 to BizTalk Server 2013 environments. The goal is to provide some insight of how to be proactive and resolve, or avoid, potential problems before they occur. It applies to all types of BizTalk users, including architects, developers, and administrators. Not all scenarios described may occur in your environment and some scenarios not mentioned in this white paper can occur.

Due to the nature and importance of BizTalk Server, settings and best practices can vary by environment; including network settings, architecture design, versions, message flow, and resources. This white paper discussed the common setup and recommended values.

To review the document, please download the Proactivity in BizTalk Server Word document.