Connect a bot to Cortana

Cortana is a speech-enabled channel that can send and receive voice messages in addition to textual conversation. A bot intended to connect to Cortana should be designed for speech as well as text. A Cortana skill is a bot that can be invoked using a Cortana client. Publishing a bot adds the bot to the list of available skills.

Open the bot on the Bot Framework Portal, click the Channels tab, and then click Cortana.

Add Cortana channel

General bot information

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. Bots must be published on the Bot Framework before they can be connected to Cortana.

Provide general information

Skill Icon

Select a custom icon to represent this bot. This icon is displayed in the Cortana canvas when this skill is invoked and anywhere skills are discoverable, such as the Microsoft store. The image must be a PNG, 60 x 60 pixels, and no larger than 30kb.

Display Name

The name of this skill as displayed to the user at the top of Cortana's visual UI.

Invocation Name

The name that Cortana will recognize and use to invoke this skill when spoken aloud by the user. See the Invocation Name Guidelines for more information on how to choose this phrase.

Skill description

Describe the skill. This is used where bots are discoverable, like the Microsoft store.

Short description

This summary will be used to describe the skill in Cortana’s Notebook.


For basic skills, this is all that is required. Click Connect to Cortana to complete the connection. For more advanced skills, add a connected account or configure access to user profile and contextual information.

Manage user identity

The default value is Disabled. If Enabled, the user will be required to log in before using this skill. Cortana can manage this skill's user identity and tokens across devices if an OAuth2 identity provider is added as a connected service.


Only Auth Code Grant authentication is supported. Implicit Grant is currently not supported.

Define user profile request

Field Description
Icon The icon to display when the sign-in form is displayed.
Account Name The name to be shown when the sign-in form is displayed.
Client ID for third-party services The client id that Cortana needs as part of the OAuth flow.
Client secret/password for third party services The client secret Cortana needs as part of the OAuth flow.
List of scopes A list of scopes Cortana needs as part of the skill execution flow.
Authorization URL The URI Cortana will call to authorize the user.
Token URL The URI Cortana will call to fetch tokens.
Client authentication scheme The mechanism by which Cortana will pass a bearer token.
Token option How Cortana should obtain tokens. If unsure, select POST.
Intranet toggle Select if this skill’s connected service requires intranet access to authenticate users. If unsure, leave this blank.)

Request user profile data

Cortana provides access to several different types of user profile information, which is useful in customizing the bot for different users.

Define user profile request

  1. Click Add a user profile request.
  2. Click Select Data and then select the user profile information from the drop-down list.
  3. Add a Friendly name to identify this information in the UserInfo entity.
  4. Click Remove to remove this request for data or click Add a user profile request again to define another request.

Click Save. The bot will be deployed automatically as a Cortana skill.

Enable speech recognition priming

If your bot uses a Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) app, register the LUIS application ID.

Click the Settings tab and then under Configuration, enter the LUIS application ID in the Speech recognition priming with LUIS text box. This helps your bot recognize spoken utterances that are defined in your LUIS model. Enable speech recognition priming

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