Platform extensibility enhancements wave 2

Enhanced extensibility capabilities in Platform update 21:

  • Chain of command methods now support try-finally or unchecked blocks around the next clause to facilitate resource cleanup or security check adjustments (Ref# 215266, 223822).

  • Allow changes to ShowZero on EDT Reals (Ref# 198765).

  • Allow changes to DisplayLength on EDT Strings (Ref# 198766).

  • Allow changes to Status on query ranges (Ref# 198835).

  • Allow changes to UseCaptionFromMenuItem on forms (Ref# 198793).

  • Allow changes to NeedsRecord and SaveRecord on buttons (Ref# 198762).

  • Allow changes to AllowEdit and NeededPermission on form controls (Ref# 149754, 198836).

  • Updated DictClass.getAllAttributes to return the attributes defined on extension classes (Ref# 216149).

  • Made the DiagnosticsArea, DocuFilePlace, and DocuTypeGroup enumerations extensible (Ref# 223436, 241335, 238162).

  • Add query object support for set-based delete by using a delete_from method (Ref# 185500).

Ref numbers correspond to specific extensibility request IDs that are used internally and available externally. For more information about all extensibility capabilities, see the Extensibility home page.