Repair tips in email for failed flows

The flows that you build may fail sometimes. If they do, it is important that you know how to fix them quickly. When you have flows that are failing, we have always sent you an email notification about those flows:

Failure digest email

However, these notifications do not contain specific recommendations on what you can do to repair your flows. To help, we are now introducing Repair tips. Repair tips send you emails with specific, actionable feedback about certain errors. For example, one common error is setting up a flow that attempts to get a person’s manager in Office 365—but there is no manager configured in Azure AD. Previously, you would just see a 404 – Not Found error, and most people don’t know what that means. Now, you get an email like this:

Repair tips email

This email contains sections for What happened (no manager was configured), and, How do I fix it? (set up a manager in Azure AD). We also provide repair tips for connection failures due to multi-factor authentication (MFA).

If you do not want to receive repair tips for a given flow, you can disable them from the More… menu on the Flow properties page. You’ll see a new menu item for Repair tips that you can select to turn them off:

Repair tips menu item

Finally, even if you don’t want to receive emails, you will now see repair tips whenever you open a flow run that has a failure with a repair tip available. You can see the Error details and How do I fix it? sections in the run’s Details pane:

Repair tips menu item