New filtering experience (Preview)


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We are revamping the filtering experience. Authors will have the ability to apply report themes and format the filter pane. The goal is for end users to know which filters are applied to the report. The filter pane will provide report authors the flexibility to design the filter pane the way they want so it looks like part of the report. Some functionality will include:

  • Authors can decide the default state of the filter pane (expanded/collapsed).

  • Users will be able to search for a filter value.

  • Authors can format the filter pane and/or apply a report theme to the pane.

  • Authors can hide a filter card from end users even though it is applied to the report.

  • Authors can apply a filter and lock it so end users will not be able to modify the filter but will see it for their information.

In addition to the changes to the filter pane, we are also giving authors the flexibility to show filters (including slicers) that are affecting a visual. Authors can enable a filter icon as a visual header and all the filters affecting that visual will show up when the end user hovers or clicks on that filter icon. This will help end users understand which filters are impacting the visual and better interpret the insights.


New filtering experience