Try out Dynamics 365 Layout for free for up to 90 days

With the March 2019 update of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Layout, we’ve made it nearly effortless for customers to try out Layout without any obligation. To get a free 90-day trial, install the Layout HoloLens app and the Import Tool PC app from the Microsoft store, and then sign in with an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account. If you don’t have an Azure AD account, you'll be prompted to set up a free account. After signing in, you can access any and all features and capabilities in the apps without any restrictions.

Free trial screen

With this new 90-day trial experience, you’ll be prompted at certain intervals about the time remaining for the trial.

Expiration screen

You can also select the Account Info button at any time to check the time remaining on your trial or to buy a subscription.

Account Info Button and associated screen

After the 90 days are up, you’ll need to purchase a subscription to continue using Layout.

For more information, see Try out Dynamics 365 Layout for free.