Semantic metrics

Excessive scrolling

A user session is flagged as 'Excessive scrolling' if that session has higher amounts of vertical scrolling activity in opposite directions (up and down) than the expected average for a given page. Excessive scroll could indicate inaccessible or frustrating UX, poor content relevance and discovery, or non-standard site interactions. Excessive Scrolling can be a strong indicator that a given page could be contributing to site abandonment.

Excessive scrolling.

Rage clicks

A page view or user session is flagged as having a 'Rage click' if the user clicks multiple times in a clustered area on a given page in rapid succession. Each of these clustered clicks will be marked as a rage click. Rage Clicks can be strong indicators of user frustration, often indicating elements which users expect to be interactive, or key events in a session where a user might be uniquely frustrated.

Rage clicks.

Dead clicks

Similar to rage clicks, dead clicks suggest bad user experience. Click interactions are marked as 'Dead clicks' when a user clicks on an element but gets no feedback from the page in a reasonable amount of time. This means the visual status does not change and there is no navigation away from the page. A dead click can signify broken elements, high latency requests, or misleading UX.

Dead clicks.

Quick backs

A quick back is a click on a page that leads the user away from the current page to another web site, which the user does not find useful and returns to the original page or website under a certain threshold of time. Quick backs are detected when a user goes to a new page then returns to the previous page in a period of time shorter than a defined threshold (the dwell time for that page). In future releases, this metric will adapt to your specific site.

Quick backs.

What is click dwell time?

Click dwell time is the time that the user spends on the page that they clicked through. For external sites Clarity takes all the time from the click to the time the user resume activity on our site as the click's dwell time.  

For internal sites, quick dwell time is determined by how much time a user spends on a specific subpage before either returning to the source page or going to another.

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