All Azure CLI Command Reference List A - Z

These are all the command groups for Azure CLI 2.0


az account

Manage Azure subscription information.

az acr

Manage private registries with Azure Container Registries.

az acs

Manage Azure Container Services.

az ad

Manage Azure Active Directory Graph entities needed for Role Based Access Control.

az advisor

Manage Azure Advisor.

az afd

Manage Azure Front Door Standard/Premium. For classical Azure Front Door, please refer

az ai-examples

Add AI powered examples to help content.

az aks

Manage Azure Kubernetes Services.

az alias

Manage Azure CLI Aliases.

az ams

Manage Azure Media Services resources.

az apim

Manage Azure API Management services.

az appconfig

Manage App Configurations.

az appservice

Manage App Service plans.

az arcappliance

Commands to manage an Appliance resource.

az arcdata

Commands for using Azure Arc-enabled data services.

az aro

Manage Azure Red Hat OpenShift clusters.

az artifacts

Manage Azure Artifacts.

az attestation

Manage Microsoft Azure Attestation (MAA).

az automation

Manage Automation.

az azurestackhci

Manage azurestackhci.

az backup

Manage Azure Backups.

az baremetalinstance

(PREVIEW) Manage BareMetal Instances.

az batch

Manage Azure Batch.

az batchai

Manage Batch AI resources.

az bicep

Bicep CLI command group.

az billing

Manage Azure Billing.

az blockchain

Manage blockchain.

az blueprint

Commands to manage blueprint.

az boards

Manage Azure Boards.

az bot

Manage Microsoft Azure Bot Service.

az cache

Commands to manage CLI objects cached using the --defer argument.

az capacity

Manage capacity.

az cdn

Manage Azure Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).

az change-analysis

List changes for resources.

az cli-translator

Translate ARM template or REST API to CLI scripts.

az cloud

Manage registered Azure clouds.

az cloud-service

Manage cloud service (extended support).

az cognitiveservices

Manage Azure Cognitive Services accounts.

az communication

Manage communication service with communication.

az confidentialledger

Manage Confidential Ledger.

az config

Manage Azure CLI configuration.

az confluent

Manage confluent resources.

az connectedk8s

Commands to manage connected kubernetes clusters.

az connectedmachine

Manage Connected Machine.

az connectedvmware

Commands to manage Connected VMware.

az consumption

Manage consumption of Azure resources.

az container

Manage Azure Container Instances.

az containerapp

Manage Azure Container Apps.

az cosmosdb

Manage Azure Cosmos DB database accounts.

az costmanagement

Manage cost and billing in Azure.

az csvmware

Manage Azure VMware Solution by CloudSimple.

az customlocation

Commands to Create, Get, List and Delete CustomLocations.

az custom-providers

Commands to manage custom providers.

az databox

Manage databox.

az databoxedge

Support data box edge device and management.

az databricks

Manage databricks workspaces.

az datadog

Manage datadog.

az datafactory

Manage Data Factory.

az datamigration

Manage Data Migration.

az dataprotection

Manage Data Protection.

az datashare

Manage Data Share.

az dedicated-hsm

Manage dedicated hsm with hardware security modules.

az demo

Demos for designing, developing and demonstrating Azure CLI.

az deployment

Manage Azure Resource Manager template deployment at subscription scope.

az deploymentmanager

Create and manage rollouts for your service.

az deployment-scripts

Manage deployment scripts at subscription or resource group scope.

az desktopvirtualization

Manage desktop virtualization.

az devops

Manage Azure DevOps organization level operations.

az disk

Manage Azure Managed Disks.

az disk-access

Manage disk access resources.

az disk-encryption-set

Disk Encryption Set resource.

az disk-pool

Manage Azure disk pool.

az dla

Manage Data Lake Analytics accounts, jobs, and catalogs.

az dls

Manage Data Lake Store accounts and filesystems.

az dms

Manage Azure Data Migration Service (DMS) instances.

az dnc

Manage Delegated Network.

az dns-resolver

Manage Dns Resolver.

az dt

Manage Azure Digital Twins solutions & infrastructure.

az edgeorder

Manage Edge Order.

az elastic

Manage Microsoft Elastic.

az eventgrid

Manage Azure Event Grid topics, domains, domain topics, system topics partner topics, event subscriptions, system topic event subscriptions and partner topic event subscriptions.

az eventhubs

Manage Azure Event Hubs namespaces, eventhubs, consumergroups and geo recovery configurations - Alias.

az extension

Manage and update CLI extensions.

az feature

Manage resource provider features.

az fluid-relay

Manage Fluid Relay.

az footprint
az functionapp

Manage function apps. To install the Azure Functions Core tools see

az fzf

Commands to select active or default objects via fzf.

az grafana

Commands to manage Azure Grafana instanced.

az graph

Query the resources managed by Azure Resource Manager.

az group

Manage resource groups and template deployments.

az guestconfig

Manage Guest Configuration.

az hack

Commands to manage resources commonly used for student hacks.

az hanainstance

(PREVIEW) Manage Azure SAP HANA Instance.

az hdinsight

Manage HDInsight resources.

az healthbot

Manage bot with healthbot.

az healthcareapis

Manage Healthcare Apis.

az hpc-cache

Commands to manage hpc cache.

az identity

Managed Identities.

az image

Manage custom virtual machine images.

az import-export

Manage Import Export.

az internet-analyzer

Commands to manage internet analyzer.

az iot

Manage Internet of Things (IoT) assets.

az k8sconfiguration

Commands to manage Kubernetes configuration.

az k8s-configuration

Commands to manage resources from Microsoft.KubernetesConfiguration.

az k8s-extension

Commands to manage Kubernetes Extensions.

az keyvault

Manage KeyVault keys, secrets, and certificates.

az kusto

Manage Azure Kusto resources.

az lab

Manage Azure DevTest Labs.

az lock

Manage Azure locks.

az logic

Manage Logic.

az logicapp

Manage logic apps.

az logz

Manage Microsoft Logz.

az maintenance

Manage Maintenance.

az managedapp

Manage template solutions provided and maintained by Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

az managed-cassandra

Azure Managed Cassandra.

az managedservices

Manage the registration assignments and definitions in Azure.

az managementpartner

Allows the partners to associate a Microsoft Partner Network(MPN) ID to a user or service principal in the customer's Azure directory.

az maps

Manage Azure Maps.

az mariadb

Manage Azure Database for MariaDB servers.

az mesh

(PREVIEW) Manage Azure Service Fabric Mesh Resources.

az ml

Manage Azure Machine Learning resources with the Azure CLI ML extension v1.

az ml

Manage Azure Machine Learning resources with the Azure CLI ML extension v2.

az monitor

Manage the Azure Monitor Service.

az mysql

Manage Azure Database for MySQL servers.

az netappfiles

Manage Azure NetApp Files (ANF) Resources.

az network

Manage Azure Network resources.

az notification-hub

Manage Notification Hubs.

az offazure

Manage on-premise resources for migrate.

az orbital

Azure Orbital Ground Station as-a-Service (GSaaS).

az peering

Manage peering.

az pipelines

Manage Azure Pipelines.

az policy

Manage resource policies.

az portal

Manage Portal.

az postgres

Manage Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers.

az powerbi

Manage PowerBI resources.

az ppg

Manage Proximity Placement Groups.

az private-link

Private-link association CLI command group.

az provider

Manage resource providers.

az providerhub

Manage resources with ProviderHub.

az purview

Manage Purview.

az quantum

Manage Azure Quantum Workspaces and submit jobs to Azure Quantum Providers.

az quota

Manage Azure Quota Extension API.

az redis

Manage dedicated Redis caches for your Azure applications.

az redisenterprise

Manage dedicated Redis Enterprise caches for your Azure applications.

az relay

Manage Azure Relay Service namespaces, WCF relays, hybrid connections, and rules.

az remote-rendering-account

Manage remote rendering account with mixed reality.

az repos

Manage Azure Repos.

az reservations

Manage Azure Reservations.

az resource

Manage Azure resources.

az resourcemanagement

Resourcemanagement CLI command group.

az resource-mover

Manage Resource Mover Service API.

az restore-point

Manage restore point with res.

az role

Manage user roles for access control with Azure Active Directory and service principals.

az sapmonitor

(PREVIEW) Manage Azure SAP Monitor.

az scvmm

Commands for managing Arc for SCVMM resources.

az search

Manage Azure Search services, admin keys and query keys.

az security

Manage your security posture with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

az sentinel

Manage Microsoft Sentinel.

az serial-console

Connect to the Serial Console of a Linux/Windows Virtual Machine or VMSS Instance.

az servicebus

Manage Azure Service Bus namespaces, queues, topics, subscriptions, rules and geo-disaster recovery configuration alias.

az sf

Manage and administer Azure Service Fabric clusters.

az sig

Manage shared image gallery.

az signalr

Manage Azure SignalR Service.

az snapshot

Manage point-in-time copies of managed disks, native blobs, or other snapshots.

az spatial-anchors-account

Manage spatial anchor account with mixed reality.

az spring

Commands to manage Azure Spring Apps.

az spring-cloud

Commands to manage Azure Spring Cloud.

az sql

Manage Azure SQL Databases and Data Warehouses.

az ssh

SSH into resources (Azure VMs, Arc servers, etc) using AAD issued openssh certificates.

az sshkey

Manage ssh public key with vm.

az stack-hci

Manage Azure Stack HCI.

az staticwebapp

Manage static apps.

az storage

Manage Azure Cloud Storage resources.

az storagesync

Manage Azure File Sync.

az stream-analytics

Manage Stream Analytics.

az support

Manage Azure support resource.

az synapse

Manage and operate Synapse Workspace, Spark Pool, SQL Pool.

az tag

Tag Management on a resource.

az term

Manage marketplace agreement with marketplaceordering.

az ts

Manage template specs at subscription or resource group scope.

az tsi

Manage Azure Time Series Insights.

az vm

Manage Linux or Windows virtual machines.

az vmss

Manage groupings of virtual machines in an Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set (VMSS).

az vmware

Commands to manage Azure VMware Solution.

az webapp

Manage web apps.

az webpubsub

Commands to manage Webpubsub.