Support and troubleshooting Microsoft Cloud App Security

This article describes the available support and troubleshooting options for Cloud App Security.

Manage support requests for Cloud App Security

Microsoft provides global technical, pre-sales, billing, and subscription support for Microsoft Cloud App Security. Support is available both online and by phone for paid and trial subscriptions. Online technical support is available in English and Japanese. Phone support and online billing support are available in additional languages.

As an admin, you can use the Help + Support option to file an online support request for Cloud App Security from the Azure portal. To create a support request, your account must be assigned one of the following administrator roles in Azure Active Directory:

  • Global administrator

  • Service administrator

Select support request to create a new support request that opens to the Basics tab of the Azure Help + support page by following the protocol below.


For technical support with third-party products that work with Microsoft Cloud App Security (for example, Box, Salesforce, and Google Workspace) contact the supplier of that product first.

Create an online support request

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal with your admin credentials, select the ? icon in the upper-right corner of the portal, and then select Help + support to go to the Azure Help + support page.

  2. On the Azure Help + support page, select New support request.

  3. On the Basics tab, for most support issues, choose the following options:

    • Issue type: Technical

    • Subscription: <your subscription>

    • Service: Cloud Application Security

    • Problem type: Choose your problem type from the drop-down menu

    • Problem subtype: Choose the problem subtype from the drop-down menu

    • Subject: Briefly describe the issue that you are having

  4. On the Details tab, fill out the details for your problem, the support method, your contact information, and then click Next: Review + create.

  5. Review the information, verify that it is correct, and then choose Create to submit your support request.

Note: If you have a billing or subscription question, you can open a case to get support through the Microsoft 365 admin center.

View open support requests

You can view a support request from within the Azure portal. To do so:

  1. Sign in to Azure with your admin credentials, select the ? icon in the upper-right corner of the portal, and then select Help + support to go to the Azure Help + support page.

  2. On the Help + support page you can view the list of Recent support requests, and select them to view additional details.

Troubleshooting Microsoft Cloud App Security status

Check the current status of Microsoft Cloud App Security.

Additional resources

How to provide feedback

The Cloud App Security team is always eager to hear your thoughts about our product. Provide feedback using one of the following options:

  • Product feedback: Send feedback to

  • Documentation feedback: Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. To provide feedback on documentation you must first create a GitHub account. Read about this change in our blog post.

Next steps

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