Setup OpenCV on Windows

CNTK 2.2 requires Open Source Computer Vision (OpenCV) to be installed but it is optional for CNTK 2.3+.

You need to install OpenCV for CNTK 2.3+, if you want to use the following components:

  • CNTK Image Reader
  • CNTK Image Writer - required to use Tensorboard's Image feature.

Download and install version 3.1 for Windows from this download location. This installer is just an unpacker. E.g. enter "c:\local" under the "Extract to". We recommend that you rename the created OpenCV folder to reflect the version number you just installed (Opencv3.1.0).

Quick installation check: If you followed the instruction above and used the same paths, the command dir C:\local\opencv3.10\build\x64\vc14\bin\opencv_world310.dll will succeed.