The Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator

With the Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator, you can develop solutions based on entities and attributes that banks commonly leverage for customer experience and other business processes. These entities include banks, branches, financial products, loans, referrals, limits, requested facilities, and more. The accelerator includes a banking data model, sample apps, dashboards, and connected experiences for both Retail Banking and Commercial Banking.

The banking accelerator provides the following to both partners and customers:

  • Extensions to the Common Data Model to include a data model to support banking, including entity definitions and relationships.
  • Sample model-driven apps to show some possibilities of how Dynamics 365 and the banking data model can be used including customer engagement, know your customer (KYC), referral sharing, and onboarding.
  • Sample canvas apps for the Relationship Manger to quickly see appointments and create referrals to show how anyone can quickly develop new apps with the Power Platform using the Banking Accelerator.
  • Sample Power BI dashboards that provide analytics around loans, applications, referrals, and the bank's customers, with drill downs into Retail, Commercial, or see unified visuals and dashboard spanning both lines of business.
  • Sample file to implement the banking data model in Azure Data Lake Storage for analytics, AI, and Machine Learning.
  • Individual solutions for retail and commercial banking and a package that you can deploy and install including sample data.
  • Test drive experience through AppSource with walkthroughs, reference guides, entity-relationship diagrams and metadata documentation on the data model.

Sitemap extensions

With the Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator, you can optimize the customer experience, improve collaboration within the bank, and gain insights from analytics. When the accelerator is installed into Dynamics 365, the experience is transformed into one specifically built for banks and it allows institutions to quickly build PowerApps and Power BI visualizations.

Banks, ISVs, and others in Financial Services can build their solutions and business processes on top of the new entities found within the Banking Accelerator. The current data model supports common banking activities but has been designed to allow flexibility for other use cases in Financial Services. The data model was developed in collaboration with BIAN and other open API initiatives to ensure interoperability to help unlock new Open Banking opportunities.

Entities and workflows

This accelerator provides the following entities and more to support the needs of banks and others in Financial Services:

Companies Financial Products Banks
People Commercial Loans Branches
Prospects Mortgages Syndicates
Referrals Home Equity Collateral
KYC Checking Accounts Limits
Opportunities Deposit Accounts Commercial Deals

Forms and dashboards

The Dynamics 365 Banking Accelerator can be used with Power Platform or combined with standard Dynamics 365 entities to make it easier to build solutions. This section describes just a few of the forms, views, and dashboards that demonstrate how the Banking Accelerator extends Common Data Model, the Power Platform, and Dynamics 365.

Customer 360 form

This banking Customer 360 view shows everything about the person from their profit tier (segmentation), to interaction and activities, to KYC, what financial products they have, and who is within their household. The person (or company) record becomes the source of truth and engagement to deliver the optimal customer experience.

Customer 360 form

Opportunity and deal form

The opportunity and deal forms show the details of the opportunity included products, requested facilities, limits, and the stages of the overall proposal.

Opportunity form

Branch Manager dashboard

Example dashboards both in Dynamics 365 and Power BI are included in the Banking Accelerator. With the example Bank Branch Manager dashboard, the Bank Branch Manager gains analytics and insights into account applications, onboarding stage, referrals and prospects, and which products are most popular.

Branch Manager dashboards

Additional resources

  • Find the Banking Accelerator here on Microsoft AppSource.

  • The Banking Accelerator is provided as part of the open-source creative license and available on GitHub.

  • Refer to this blog post to read more about the value of the Banking Accelerator to ISVs, banks, and other financial services institutions.