Create a custom connector in Azure Logic Apps


This topic is part of a tutorial series on creating and using custom connectors in Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Power Automate, and Microsoft Power Apps. Make sure you read the custom connector overview to understand the process.

In Azure Logic Apps, you must first create the custom connector resource (steps below) before defining the behavior of the connector using an OpenAPI definition or a Postman collection.

  1. In the Azure portal, on the Azure services menu, choose Create a resource.

  2. In New, enter logic apps custom connector in the search box as your filter. Select Logic Apps Custom Connector from the drop-down box.

    Search for logic apps custom connector

  3. In Logic Apps Custom Connector, select Create.

    Create a Logic Apps custom connector

  4. Provide details for registering your connector as described in the table. When you're done, choose Review + create.

    Registering your connector

    Property Description Example
    Subscription Azure subscription for the connector "Contoso Azure Subscription #1"
    Resource group Azure resource group for the connector "logic-apps-custom-connectors"
    Name Name of your custom connector "SentimentDemo"
    Location Same Azure region as your logic app "(US) West US"
  5. In Create Logic Apps Custom Connector, review the details you have entered, and then select Create.

    Reviewing the Logic Apps custom connector

Once you've created the custom connector resource, the custom connector menu should open automatically. If it doesn't, you can go to the subscription and resource group you selected and open it directly. Now that you have a custom connector, you can define the connector's behavior.