Class DebugRenderingSettings

Options for debug rendering features

class Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::DebugRenderingSettings final



Controls the server-side overlay to render a frame counter.

auto GetRenderFrameCount() const noexcept -> bool;
auto SetRenderFrameCount(bool value) noexcept -> Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Status;


Controls the server-side overlay to render the polygon count.

auto GetRenderPolygonCount() const noexcept -> bool;
auto SetRenderPolygonCount(bool value) noexcept -> Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Status;


Controls whether geometry should be rendered as wireframe.

auto GetRenderWireframe() const noexcept -> bool;
auto SetRenderWireframe(bool value) noexcept -> Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Status;


Whether this object is still valid.

An object is invalid if it has been destroyed or if the connection has been lost. It is an error to call any other function on an invalid object.

auto GetValid() const noexcept -> bool;

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