Enum ObjectType

The different types of objects used by ARR.

enum class Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::ObjectType : int32_t


Name Value Description Remarks
ObjectType::Invalid 0 Invalid object type.
ObjectType::FirstBasicObject 1 internal
ObjectType::Entity 1 Object is an Entity
ObjectType::Mesh 2 Object is a Mesh
ObjectType::Material 3 Object is a Material
ObjectType::Texture 4 Object is a Texture
ObjectType::LastBasicObject 4 internal
ObjectType::FirstComponent 200 internal
ObjectType::MeshComponent 200 Object is a MeshComponent
ObjectType::CutPlaneComponent 201 Object is a CutPlaneComponent
ObjectType::HierarchicalStateOverrideComponent 202 Object is a HierarchicalStateOverrideComponent
ObjectType::PointLightComponent 203 Object is a PointLightComponent
ObjectType::SpotLightComponent 204 Object is a SpotLightComponent
ObjectType::DirectionalLightComponent 205 Object is a DirectionalLightComponent
ObjectType::LastComponent 205 internal

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