Class StageSpaceSettings

Options for changing the stage-space origin.

To make sure that local and remote content align correctly, any additional transform that is applied on top of the camera transform needs to be set here as well to inform the server. WARNING: This feature is experimental and changing the origin will break local/remote content alignment for a brief moment. Thus, it is currently only intended to be used for world locking purposes like anchors that exhibit only very small changes over time.

class Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::StageSpaceSettings final



Stage space origin position.

This should be set at the end of each frame to the world-space position of the camera's parent.

auto GetPosition() const noexcept -> Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Double3;
auto SetPosition(Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Double3 const& value) noexcept -> Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Status;


Stage space origin rotation.

This should be set at the end of each frame to the world-space rotation of the camera's parent.

auto GetRotation() const noexcept -> Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Quaternion;
auto SetRotation(Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Quaternion const& value) noexcept -> Microsoft::Azure::RemoteRendering::Status;


Whether this object is still valid.

An object is invalid if it has been destroyed or if the connection has been lost. It is an error to call any other function on an invalid object.

auto GetValid() const noexcept -> bool;

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