Class SessionConfiguration

Use this class to set up the service configuration for a SpatialAnchorSession.

class Microsoft::Azure::SpatialAnchors::SessionConfiguration final : public std::enable_shared_from_this<Microsoft::Azure::SpatialAnchors::SessionConfiguration>



Access token for the Azure Spatial Anchors service.

auto GetAccessToken() const -> std::string;
auto SetAccessToken(std::string const& value) -> void;


Account domain for the Azure Spatial Anchors service.

The default is "".

auto GetAccountDomain() const -> std::string;
auto SetAccountDomain(std::string const& value) -> void;


Account-level ID for the Azure Spatial Anchors service.

auto GetAccountId() const -> std::string;
auto SetAccountId(std::string const& value) -> void;


Account-level key for the Azure Spatial Anchors service.

auto GetAccountKey() const -> std::string;
auto SetAccountKey(std::string const& value) -> void;


Authentication token for Azure Active Directory (AAD).

If the access token and the account key are missing, the session will obtain an access token based on this value.

auto GetAuthenticationToken() const -> std::string;
auto SetAuthenticationToken(std::string const& value) -> void;