The C++ Build Insights SDK is compatible with Visual Studio 2017 and above. To see the documentation for these versions, set the Visual Studio Version selector control for this article to Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2019. It's found at the top of the table of contents on this page.

The StopTracingSessionW function stops an ongoing tracing session and produces a raw trace file. Raw trace files can be passed to the Analyze, AnalzeA, and AnalyzeW functions to start an analysis session. Raw trace files can also be passed to the Relog, RelogA, and RelogW functions to start relogging session. Executables calling StopTracingSessionW must have administrator privileges.


enum RESULT_CODE StopTracingSessionW(
    const wchar_t*              sessionName,
    const char*                 outputLogFile,


The name of the tracing session to stop. Use the same session name as the one passed to StartTracingSession, StartTracingSessionA, or StartTracingSessionW.

Path to the final output log file where the raw trace should be saved.

Pointer to a TRACING_SESSION_STATISTICS object. StopTracingSessionW writes trace collection statistics in this object before returning.

Return Value

A result code from the RESULT_CODE enum.