General Property Page (File)

This topic applies to Windows projects. For non-Windows projects, see Linux C++ Property Page Reference.

When you right-click on a file node Solution Explorer, the General property page under the Configuration Properties node opens. It contains the following properties:

  • Excluded From Build

    Specifies whether the file should be in the build for the current configuration.

    To programmatically access this property, see ExcludedFromBuild.

  • Content (Applies to UWP apps only.) Specifies whether the file contains content to be included in the app package.

  • Item Type

    The Item Type specifies the tool that will be used to process the file during the build process. Files whose extension is known to Visual Studio have a default value in this property. You can specify a custom tool here if you have a custom file type or wish to override the default tool for a known file type. See Specifying Custom Build Tools for more information. You can also use this property page to specify that a file is not part of the build process.

    The following illustration shows the property page for a .cpp file. The default Item Type for this kind of file is the C/C++ Compiler (cl.exe) and the property page exposes various compiler settings that can be applied to this file only.

    General property page for a project item

    The following table lists the default Item Types:

    File extension Item Type Default Tool
    .appx XAML Application Definition App packager
    .hlsl, .cso HLSL Compiler fxc.exe
    .h C/C++ Header C/C++ Preprocessor
    n/a Does not participate in build n/a
    .xml, .xslt, .xsl Xml XML Editor
    .resw, .resjson PRI Resource (UWP Apps) MakePri.exe
    Media (UWP) App packager
    .xsd XML Data Generator Tool XML Schema Definition Tool (Xsd.exe) (Requires .NET workload. Not included with MSVC.)
    Manifest Tool mt.exe
    .rc Resource Windows Resource Compiler (rc.exe)
    .appxmanifest App Package Manifest App packager
    .obj Object C/C++ Linker (link.exe)
    .ttf Font n/a
    .txt Text n/a
    n/a Custom Build Tool User-defined
    n/a Copy file n/a
    .packagelayout App Package Layout App packager
    .resx Compiler Managed Resource Resgen.exe (Resource File Generator)
    .natvis C++ Debugger visualization file Natvis framework
    .jpg, .bmp, .ico, etc. Image Resource compiler based on application type.
    .cpp C/C++ Compiler cl.exe

    To programmatically access this property, see Tool.

For information on how to access the General property page under the Configuration Properties node, see Set C++ compiler and build properties in Visual Studio.

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