c16rtomb, c32rtomb

Convert a UTF-16 or UTF-32 wide character into a UTF-8 multibyte character.


size_t c16rtomb(
    char *mbchar,
    char16_t wchar,
    mbstate_t *state
size_t c32rtomb(
    char *mbchar,
    char32_t wchar,
    mbstate_t *state


Pointer to an array to store the converted UTF-8 multibyte character.

A wide character to convert.

A pointer to an mbstate_t object.

Return value

The number of bytes stored in array object mbchar, including any shift sequences. If wchar isn't a valid wide character, the value (size_t)(-1) is returned, errno is set to EILSEQ, and the value of state is unspecified.


The c16rtomb function converts the UTF-16 LE character wchar to the equivalent UTF-8 multibyte narrow character sequence. If mbchar isn't a null pointer, the function stores the converted sequence in the array object pointed to by mbchar. Up to MB_CUR_MAX bytes are stored in mbchar, and state is set to the resulting multibyte shift state.

If wchar is a null wide character, a sequence required to restore the initial shift state is stored, if needed, followed by the null character. state is set to the initial conversion state. The c32rtomb function is identical, but converts a UTF-32 character.

If mbchar is a null pointer, the behavior is equivalent to a call to the function that substitutes an internal buffer for mbchar and a wide null character for wchar.

The state conversion state object allows you to make subsequent calls to this function and other restartable functions that maintain the shift state of the multibyte output characters. Results are undefined when you mix the use of restartable and non-restartable functions.

To convert UTF-16 characters into non-UTF-8 multibyte characters, use the wcstombs, _wcstombs_l, wcstombs_s, or _wcstombs_s_l functions.


Routine Required header
c16rtomb, c32rtomb C, C++: <uchar.h>

For compatibility information, see Compatibility.

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