Platform::Metadata Namespace

This namespace contains attributes that modify the declarations of types.


namespace Platform {
   namespace Metadata {


Although this namespace is intended for internal use, browsers can display the following members of this namespace.

Name Remark
Attribute The base class for attributes.
Platform::Metadata::DefaultMemberAttribute Attribute Indicates the preferred function to invoke among several possible overloaded functions.
Platform::Metadata::FlagsAttribute AttributeFlags Declares an enumeration as an enumeration of bit fields.

The following example shows how to apply the Flags attribute an enumeration.

[Flags] enum class MyEnumeration { enumA = 1, enumB = 2, enumC = 3}
Platform::Metadata::RuntimeClassNameAttribute Ensures that a private ref class has a valid runtime class name.

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Metadata: platform.winmd

Namespace: Platform::Metadata

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