IErrorRecordsImpl Class

Implements the OLE DB IErrorRecords interface, adding records to and retrieving records from a data member (m_rgErrors) of type CAtlArray<RecordClass>.


template <class T, class RecordClass = ATLERRORINFO>  
class IErrorRecordsImpl : public IErrorRecords  


A class derived from IErrorRecordsImpl.

A class that represents an OLE DB error object.



GetErrorDescriptionString Gets the error description string from an error record.
GetErrorGUID Gets the error GUID from an error record.
GetErrorHelpContext Gets the help context ID from an error record.
GetErrorHelpFile Gets the full pathname of the help file from an error record.
GetErrorSource Gets the error source code from an error record.

Interface Methods

AddErrorRecord Adds a record to the OLE DB error object.
GetBasicErrorInfo Returns basic information about the error, such as the return code and provider-specific error number.
GetCustomErrorObject Returns a pointer to an interface on a custom error object.
GetErrorInfo Returns an IErrorInfo interface pointer on the specified record.
GetErrorParameters Returns the error parameters.
GetRecordCount Returns the number of records in the OLE DB record object.

Data Members

m_rgErrors An array of error records.


Header: atldb.h

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