Compiler Warning (level 3) C4635

XML document comment target: badly-formed XML: reason

The compiler found some problem with the XML tags. Fix the problem and recompile

The following sample generates C4635:

// C4635.cpp  
// compile with: /doc /clr /W3 /c  
/// <summary>     
/// The contents of the folder have changed.  
/// <summary/>   // C4635  

// try the following line instead  
// /// </summary>  
public ref class Test {};  

Notice that the output for this sample says: End tag 'member' does not match the start tag 'summary'.

The problem with this sample is that the end tag for <summary> is poorly formed, and the compiler does not recognize it as the <summary> end tag. The <member> tag is embedded in the .xdc file by the compiler in every /doc compilation. So, the problem here is that the end tag </member>, does not match the previous start tag that the compiler processed (<summary>.