Creating a C++ Makefile Project

A makefile is a text file that contains instructions for how to compile and link (or build) a set of C++ source code files. A make program reads the makefile and invokes a compiler, linker and possibly other programs to make an executable file. Microsoft's implementation of the make program is called NMAKE. (Visual Studio by default uses the MSBuild system based on .vcsproj files; this is what is created by File | New | Project.)

If you have an existing makefile project, you have these choices if you want to code and/or debug it in the Visual Studio IDE:

  • Create a Makefile Project in Visual Studio that uses your existing makefile to build your code in the IDE. (You will not have all the IDE features that you get with a native MSBuild project.) See To create a makefile project below.
  • Use the Create New Project from Existing Code Files wizard to create a native MSBuild project from your source code. For more information, see How to: Create a C++ Project from Existing Code.
  • Visual Studio 2017 and later: Use the Open Folder feature to open a makefile. For more information, see Open Folder projects in Visual C++.

To create a Makefile project with the makefile project template

In Visual Studio 2017 and later, the Makefile project template is available when the C++ Desktop Development workload is installed.

Follow the wizard to specify the commands and environment used by your makefile. You can then use this project to build your code in the Visual Studio development environment.

By default, the makefile project displays no files in Solution Explorer. The makefile project specifies the build settings, which are reflected in the project's property page.

The output file that you specify in the project has no effect on the name that the build script generates; it declares only an intention. Your makefile still controls the build process and specifies the build targets.

  1. From the Visual Studio start page, type "makefile" in the New Project search box. Or, in the New Project dialog box, expand Visual C++ > General (Visual Studio 2015) or Other (Visual Studio 2017) and then select Makefile Project in the Templates pane to open the project wizard.

  2. In the Application Settings page, provide the command, output, clean, and rebuild information for debug and retail builds.

  3. Click Finish to close the wizard and open the newly created project in Solution Explorer.

You can view and edit the project's properties in its property page. See Setting Visual C++ Project Properties for information about displaying the property page.

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