Copy Sources Project Properties (Linux C++)

Linux support is available in Visual Studio 2017 and later.

The properties set on this property page apply to all files in the project except whose file-level properties are set.

Property Description
Sources To Copy Specifies the sources to copy to the remote system. Changing this list might shift or otherwise affect the directory structure where files are copied to on the remote system.
Copy Sources Specifies whether to copy the sources to the remote system.
Additional Sources To Copy Specifies additional sources to copy to the remote system. Optionally specify local to remote mapping pairs using a syntax like this: fulllocalpath1:=fullremotepath1;fulllocalpath2:=fullremotepath2, where a local file can be copied to the specified remote location on the remote system.

@SourcesToCopyRemotely and @DataFilesToCopyRemotely refer to item groups in the project file. To modify which sources or data files are copied remotely, edit the vcxproj file like this:

   <MyItems Include="foo.txt" />
   <MyItems Include="bar.txt" />
   <DataFilesToCopyRemotely Include="@(MyItems)" />