MFC DLL Wizard

When you use the MFC DLL wizard to create an MFC DLL project, you get a working starter application with built-in functionality that, when compiled, will implement the basic features of a DLL. The MFC starter program includes C++ source (.cpp) files, resource (.rc) files, and a project (.vcxproj) file. The code generated in these starter files is based on MFC. For more detailed information, see the file details in Readme.txt that is generated for your project in Visual Studio, and Classes and Functions Generated by the MFC DLL Wizard


This wizard page describes the current application settings for the MFC DLL project you are creating. By default, the project is created as a regular MFC DLL (MFC Shared) project with no additional settings.

To change these defaults, click Application Settings in the left column of the wizard and make changes in that page of the MFC DLL Wizard.

After you create an MFC DLL project, you can add objects or controls to your project using Visual C++ code wizards.

You can perform the following tasks and types of enhancements to a basic MFC DLL project:

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