steady_clock struct

Represents a steady clock.


struct steady_clock;


On Windows, steady_clock wraps the QueryPerformanceCounter function.

A clock is monotonic if the value that is returned by a first call to now is always less than or equal to the value that is returned by a subsequent call to now. A clock is steady if it is monotonic and if the time between clock ticks is constant.

high_resolution_clock is a typedef for steady_clock.

Public typedefs

Name Description
steady_clock::duration A synonym for nanoseconds, defined in <chrono>.
steady_clock::period A synonym for nano, defined in <ratio>.
steady_clock::rep A synonym for long long, the type that is used to represent the number of clock ticks in the contained instantiation of duration.
steady_clock::time_point A synonym for chrono::time_point<steady_clock>.

Public functions

Function Description
now Returns the current time as a time_point value.

Public constants

Name Description
steady_clock::is_steady Holds true. A steady_clock is steady.


Header: <chrono>

Namespace: std::chrono

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