Class Attributes

The following attributes apply to the class C++ keyword.

Attribute Description
aggregatable Indicates that the class supports aggregation.
aggregates Indicates that a control aggregates the target class.
appobject Identifies the coclass as an application object, which is associated with a full .exe application, and indicates that the functions and properties of the coclass are globally available in this type library.
case Used with the switch_type attribute in a union.
coclass Creates an ActiveX control.
com_interface_entry Adds an interface entry to a COM map.
control Specifies that the user-defined type is a control.
custom Lets you define your own attribute.
db_command Creates an OLE DB command.
db_param Associates the specified member variable with an input or output parameter and delimits the variable.
db_source Creates a connection to a data source.
db_table Opens an OLE DB table.
default Indicates that the custom or dispinterface defined within a coclass represents the default programmability interface.
defaultvtable Defines an interface as the default vtable interface for a control.
event_receiver Creates an event receiver.
event_source Creates an event source.
helpcontext Specifies a context ID that lets the user view information about this element in the Help file.
helpfile Sets the name of the Help file for a type library.
helpstringcontext Specifies the ID of a help topic in an .hlp or .chm file.
helpstring Specifies a character string that is used to describe the element to which it applies.
hidden Indicates that the item exists but should not be displayed in a user-oriented browser.
implements Specifies dispatch interfaces that are forced to be members of the IDL coclass.
implements_category Specifies implemented component categories for the class.
module Defines the library block in the .idl file.
noncreatable Defines an object that cannot be instantiated by itself.
progid Defines the ProgID for a control.
registration_script Executes the specified registration script.
requestedit Indicates that the property supports the OnRequestEdit notification.
source Specifies the control's source interfaces for connection points on a class. On a property or method, the source attribute indicates that the member returns an object or VARIANT that is a source of events.
support_error_info Supports error reporting for the target object.
threading Specifies the threading model for a control.
uuid Specifies the unique ID for a class or interface.
version Identifies a particular version among multiple versions of a class.
vi_progid Specifies a version-independent form of the ProgID.

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