Compiler Attributes

Compiler attributes provide a variety of functionality.

Attribute Description
emitidl Determines whether all subsequent IDL attributes will be processed and placed in the generated .idl file.
event_receiver Creates an event receiver.
event_source Creates an event source.
export Causes a data structure to be placed in the .idl file.
implements Specifies dispatch interfaces that are forced to be members of the IDL coclass.
importidl Inserts the specified .idl file into the generated .idl file.
importlib Makes types that have already been compiled into another type library available to the type library being created.
includelib Causes an .idl or .h file to be included in the generated .idl file.
library_block Places a construct inside the .idl file's library block.
no_injected_text Prevents the compiler from injecting code as a result of attribute use.
satype Specifies the data type of the SAFEARRAY.
version Identifies a particular version among multiple versions of an interface or class.

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