Configure log files for the on-premises data gateway


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There are three categories of service logs for an on-premises data gateway: information, error, and network. This categorization provides a troubleshooting experience that lets you focus on the specific area for an error or issue. You can see the three categories GatewayInfo.log, GatewayErrors.log, and GatewayNetwork.log in the following excerpt from the gateway configuration file Microsoft.PowerBI.EnterpriseGateway.exe.config.

    <trace autoflush="true" indentsize="4">
        <remove name="Default" />
        <add name="ApplicationFileTraceListener"
             type="Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.Pipeline.Common.Diagnostics.RotatableFilesManagerTraceListener, Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.Pipeline.Common"
             initializeData="%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\On-premises data gateway\,GatewayInfo.log,GatewayErrors.log,GatewayNetwork.log,20,50" />

By default, the gateway configuration file is located in the directory \Program Files\On-premises data gateway. To set the number of log files to retain, change the first number in the file's initializeData value. To configure the size of each log file, change the second number.

The following example specifies that 20 log files, each 50 MB in size, will be retained:


Next steps

For information on how to export gateway logs for troubleshooting, see Troubleshooting tools.