Evaluates the argument and returns the result as currency data type.




Term Definition
value Any DAX expression that returns a single scalar value where the expression is to be evaluated exactly once before all other operations.

Return value

The value of the expression evaluated and returned as a currency type value.


  • The CURRENCY function rounds up the 5th significant decimal, in value, to return the 4th decimal digit; rounding up occurs if the 5th significant decimal is equal or larger than 5. For example, if value is 3.6666666666666 then converting to currency returns $3.6667; however, if value is 3.0123456789 then converting to currency returns $3.0123.

  • If the data type of the expression is TrueFalse then CURRENCY( <TrueFalse>) will return $1.0000 for True values and $0.0000 for False values.

  • If the data type of the expression is Text then CURRENCY(<Text>) will try to convert text to a number; if conversion succeeds the number will be converted to currency, otherwise an error is returned.

  • If the data type of the expression is DateTime then CURRENCY(<DateTime>) will convert the datetime value to a number and that number to currency. DateTime values have an integer part that represents the number of days between the given date and 1900-03-01 and a fraction that represents the fraction of a day (where 12 hours or noon is 0.5 day). If the value of the expression is not a proper DateTime value an error is returned.


Convert number 1234.56 to currency data type.


Returns the value $1234.5600.