ABPersonProperty ABPersonProperty Enum


The ABPerson properties.

[ObjCRuntime.Deprecated(ObjCRuntime.PlatformName.iOS, 9, 0, ObjCRuntime.PlatformArchitecture.None, "Use the 'Contacts' API instead.")]
public enum ABPersonProperty
type ABPersonProperty = 


Address Address 0

The GetVCards(ABPerson[]) multi-value property.

Birthday Birthday 1

The Birthday property.

CreationDate CreationDate 2

The CreationDate property.

Date Date 3

The GetDates() multi-value property.

Department Department 4

The Department property.

Email Email 5

The GetEmails() multi-value property.

FirstName FirstName 6

The FirstName property.

FirstNamePhonetic FirstNamePhonetic 7

The FirstNamePhonetic property.

InstantMessage InstantMessage 8


JobTitle JobTitle 9

The JobTitle property.

Kind Kind 10

The PersonKind property.

LastName LastName 11

The LastName property.

LastNamePhonetic LastNamePhonetic 12

The LastNamePhonetic property.

MiddleName MiddleName 13

The MiddleName property.

MiddleNamePhonetic MiddleNamePhonetic 14

The MiddleNamePhonetic property.

ModificationDate ModificationDate 15

The ModificationDate property.

Nickname Nickname 16

The Nickname property.

Note Note 17

The Note property.

Organization Organization 18

The Organization property.

Phone Phone 19

The GetPhones() multi-value property.

Prefix Prefix 20

The Prefix property.

RelatedNames RelatedNames 21

The RelatedNames multi-value property.

SocialProfile SocialProfile 24
Suffix Suffix 22

The Suffix property.

Url Url 23

The GetUrls() multi-value property.

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