Context.GetExternalFilesDir(String) Context.GetExternalFilesDir(String) Method


Returns the absolute path to the directory on the primary external filesystem (that is somewhere on ExternalStorageDirectory) where the application can place persistent files it owns.

[Android.Runtime.Register("getExternalFilesDir", "(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/io/File;", "GetGetExternalFilesDir_Ljava_lang_String_Handler", ApiSince=8)]
public abstract Java.IO.File GetExternalFilesDir (string type);
abstract member GetExternalFilesDir : string -> Java.IO.File


String String

The type of files directory to return. May be null for the root of the files directory or one of the following Environment constants for a subdirectory: DirectoryMusic, DirectoryPodcasts, DirectoryRingtones, DirectoryAlarms, DirectoryNotifications, DirectoryPictures, or DirectoryMovies.



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